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Liz Lake Associates represented South Norfolk District Council at Public Inquiry regarding the development of 70 dwellings on a Site at Wymondham. Acting as expert witness Mark Flatman gave expert evidence outlining the Landscape and Visual harm that would be associated with the development. Marks evidence specifically focused on visual effects associated with the historic and culturally significant, Grade 1 Wymondham Abbey, as well as the landscape effects associated with developing within a [protected] valley landscape.
Following a comprehensive site assessment, a comprehensive Proof of Evidence was produced outlining the landscape and visual impacts associated with the proposed development. Marks evidence focused on the important views across the rural Tiffey Valley of Wymondham Abbey from Chapel Lane, and outlined how the proposed development would be detrimental to these views. Illustrative photomontages were prepared to support Marks Evidence. Working closely with the team at SNDC and their Barrister, Mark gave evidence at Public Inquiry as an expert witness.
The appeal was recovered for the Secretary of State's determination in March 2014 who agreed with the Inspector’s conclusions and recommendation that the appeal be dismissed and planning permission refused. The Secretary of State agreed with the Inspector’s conclusions outlining that that the proposal would have an unacceptable effect on the landscape when seen from Chapel Lane and from the Tiffey Valley and agreed with the Inspector’s conclusion that harm would be caused to the setting of the Abbey when on Chapel Lane which would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.
SoS, like the Inspector, agrees that the benefit of additional housing would not have been outweighed by the harm to landscape had that been the only concern with the proposals (IR163). However, he shares the Inspector’s conclusion that the adverse impacts of the development on the setting of the Abbey significantly and demonstrably outweigh not just the benefit of providing further housing
Secretary of State

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