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Trumpington Meadows

Liz Lake Associates was commissioned to prepare the detailed landscape plans for the Trumpington Meadows residential development of 350 houses on the southern outskirts of Cambridge. The proposals include a diverse mix of housing types and range of community facilities set within a village framework of public open space, green corridors and streets, with community parks and sustainable urban drainage features.
A strong landscape framework was established within the overarching development vision and objectives identified within the existing Design Code. The village quarter character area was further defined with distinctive tree and shrub planting palettes focused about community open space areas, streetscape, local play areas and individual plot landscape. The public space and individual plot landscapes include a combination of native plants and semi-native species, many of which are bee-friendly, with hedgerows and large trees (oak, lime) and smaller flowering trees such as wild cherry, Callery pear var. and rowan adding to the village character. Further to planning approval of the detailed planting scheme, Liz Lake Associates have continued to oversee the landscape implementation within the construction phase of the development.
The majority of the residential properties have now been completed and the landscape framework is being implemented concurrently. The scheme, as it matures, will establish a rich and diverse setting within which this new community can live, work and play.

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Project Location

Trumpington Road, Cambridge