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Sutton Road

A proposed development of 100 new dwellings including 30 affordable units on land south east of Maidstone in Kent. Our Masterplan developed a landscape setting for the proposals through the retention of mature trees along the boundaries of the site and the introduction of extensive and attractive new landscaping, including areas of ecological interest throughout the Site. SuDS were incorporated to contribute to biodiversity, landscape character and amenity, while improving water quality and ensuring the sustainable management of surface water.
The scheme was carefully designed to maximise open space provision and encourage connectivity to the wider landscape. A fitness trim trail formed an accessible loop around the edges of development, passing around the existing oak trees and providing an attractive suburban fitness route for joggers and walkers. Trim Trail stations were located at regular intervals along the route providing a sequence of challenges for all levels of adult physical ability. These ranged from chin up bars to hurdles, testing upper and lower body strength, coordination and stamina.
The scheme was granted planning permission in autumn 2014 and work is due to start on site in early 2015.

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  • Mark Flatman
    Director, Chartered Landscape Architect and Landscape Planner

Project Location

Sutton Road, Maidstone