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B&Q Stevenage

Located in a prominent position in Stevenage this new superstore needed careful integration with the surrounding context, being close to surrounding countryside. Liz Lake Associates commissioned to help gain planning for the new scheme by working on landscape design in partnership with the architects and to a strict budget for external works.
Liz Lake Associates produced several conceptual landscape designs for approval by the client and local authority. By creating a series of sustainable and integrated swales planted with native species, the plans offered not only cost savings to the client but also helped create and integrate with green corridors through and surrounding the site. These ideas were incorporated into a detailed scheme which were drawn up at 1:100 scale, submitted to and subsequently gaining planning approval with no comments from the local authority.
The scheme devised by Liz Lake Associates has been implemented and the planting structure has established creating an impressive outlook to the store and parking areas. The native belts of planting create screening and habitat benefits to local wildlife. A carefull management programme will ensure the scheme will be very impressive for many future years to come.

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