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Liz Lake Associates were appointed by University of Hertfordshire to provide landscape design services for the proposed works associated with C.P. Snow building and associated masterplanning services. The University of Hertfordshire has recently been recognised as being in the top 4% of the world’s universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and is a reflection of the long term planning and strategic vision of the University. The Estates has a programme of building works which will create an international campus, this phased delivery of development objectives for the next 10 years establishes a detailed framework within which future proposals are to be brought forward.

The landscape design brief required the consideration of the existing business park landscape composition and the establishment of a high quality landscape setting for the new building and surrounding context. The landscape design should respond to the site location whilst accommodating the adjacent public realm and The brief for the landscape design has been further refined during the conceptual stage through collaboration with the Client, design team and cost consultant.
The landscape design seeks to create a high quality distinctive scheme and a new element of urban fabric that integrates, in a contemporary form with the existing Campus, while complementing and enhancing the built forms of the new student accommodation and car park elements.
The proposed scheme prioritizes pedestrian access throughout the development. It is the objective of the public realm proposals to create a sense of place, incorporating clear visual connections and way finding, places to pause coordinated with vehicular parking and service access.