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St Thomas


21 st thomas street

The 21 St Thomas Street redevelopment included proposals for a 13 storey residential tower and surrounding blocks to provide high-end, luxury student accommodation within Bristol City centre. LLA were commissioned to carry out the public realm design along St. Thomas Street, a socially inclusive courtyard and a roof terrace for the resident students, and to produce a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment. The high-profile site is located within the Redcliffe Conservation Area, directly adjacent to the landmark Redcliff Quarter. 

LLA worked closely with the team of Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers to ensure a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior. The internal courtyard was located above an underground car park, so bespoke laser-cut metal ventilation grills were incorporated into the paving as well as an access hatch within the paving design.

Planting was located on the North and East walls to maximise exposure to the sun. Shade tolerant species were also specified to ensure establishment of the plants. Lighting was incorporated to maximise the potential hours of use whilst also providing a safe environment and an aesthetically pleasing view for the many overlooking windows within the three blocks.