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Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF)

Hatfield, Hertfordshire


Liz Lake Associates were employed by Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council to give evidence as Expert Witness at a ‘Called-in’ application objecting to an application by Veolia Environmental Services and Hertfordshire County Council for Planning Permission for a Resource and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF) on land at New Barnfield, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The proposed RERF measured 170m x 150m with a height of approximately 43m with a stack height of almost 75m.Liz Lake Associates examined the Landscape and Visual chapters of the Environmental Statement, producing a detailed assessment of the applicants Landscape chapters, Photomontage and ZTV. Acting as a Rule 6 Party Liz Lake Associates gave expert evidence at Public Inquiry.The Inspectors decision was given which refused planning permission. Inspector David Richards Wrote in his decision to refuse the RERF that; “ The proposal is the wrong proposal, in the wrong place, at the wrong time (i.e. premature). The inspector is respectfully invited to recommend to the Secretary of State that the application is refused.”