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Ridgeway Views, NiMR

Mill Hill, London

National Institute for

Medical Research

Liz Lake Associates worked in partnership with Barratt London and Hawkins Brown architects on the redevelopment of the National Institute for Medical Research to deliver 462 new homes and 1951 sqm of commercial space for small businesses and cafe. The site is located on the Ridgeway comprises of a steep landscape overlooking the Totteridge Valley to the north with some of the apartments having view across to London’s skyline. As well as the built form, the development consists of open grasslands and woodlands that are retained and opened for public access. The steep topography offers unique opportunities to create cascading landscapes and podium gardens with views across the valley.

Liz Lake Associates worked alongside a team of professions to create a sense of scale and place that varies in different areas of the site. This is achieved through well-designed planting appropriate to the locality and promoting opportunities for habitat enhancement and connectivity with the local context. The landscape proposal incorporates clear visual connections and way finding between spaces, alongside places to sojourn for daily use and social gatherings. The threshold between rural and semi-urban landscape is softened and has increased access throughout the development to outdoor recreation areas that incorporates a Trim Trail with a strategic network of interlinking play spaces; sports fields and natural habitat to explore.