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Newhall (Fusion)



Commissioned by Bellway Homes, Liz Lake Associates were tasked with creating landscape proposals for the award winning Newhall development in Harlow. ‘Fusion’ is one part of a phased development consisting of large land parcels that connect to create a large new community. This phase of the development will link into future adjacent residential areas and thereafter into the extensive network of public open space, play areas, sports pitches, landscape infrastructure and ecological corridors that are currently in existence or planned for the wider Newhall neighbourhood. 42% of the land within the overall Newhall masterplan area will ultimately be retained as woodland, parks and green infrastructure.

The development consists of an array of forward thinking, unique houses and the landscape was designed to create the perfect foil for these dwellings to sit in and a stand out piece of landscape architecture. Working closely with Architects, Engineers and Planning Consultants, the design concepts developed to accommodate the site setting and the aspirations of the Local Planning Authority in combination with the needs of the Client. Newhall Projects Ltd have ensured that there is consistency throughout the hard landscaping design by producing a pattern book of paving styles that Liz Lake Associates followed to create an accessible, legible, interconnecting public realm. A number of publically accessible doorstop ‘garden greens’ have been created and these will feature seating, ornamental planting as well as opportunities for informal toddler play. Like all of our planting designs, the site was separated into character areas (6 in total) that are each defined by a different style of planting, thus creating a number of interesting planting combinations that prevent any monotony in the soft landscaped areas. Much thought has been put into this to ensure varying colour, winter structure and low maintenance planting. Further to the planting proposals, Liz Lake Associates also developed a full landscape management plan for this development phase, ensuring that plants are well maintained in the future.