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Hawkesbury Marina & Canal Village

Bedworth, Warwickshire

Marina & Canal Village

Liz Lake Associates was commissioned to deliver a Landscape Appraisal & Strategy report and Outline Landscape Proposals were prepared to support a planning application to deliver a new Canal Village (169 homes) together with a marina and a 14.5-hectare extension to the existing Miners’ Welfare Park near Hawkesbury in Warwickshire. One of the key landscape planning aims was to deliver key local green infrastructure benefits on this urban fringe Green Belt site adjacent to the famous Sutton Stop canal junction.

After analysing the site in depth, Liz Lake Associates developed detailed plans which were included in the Landscape Appraisal & Strategy report and Outline Landscape Proposals. The new marina adjacent to Sutton Stop canal junction will be built using green construction techniques. The marina will have a green edge and be suitable for the mooring of up to 150 narrow boats. An artist-designed natural play area of sculpted landform is proposed to the north of the site, and beyond this a substantial area of managed parkland public open space. An area of community allotments was also proposed to meet a local shortfall. The landscape planning process includes proposed new structure planting along the boundary with an adjacent railway line to screen an industrial park beyond and to improve the visual amenity within the site. In addition, a new cycleway link to the Beyton Lake area of the Miners’ Welfare Park to the immediate north of the site was proposed, facilitating links to the railway station and Bedworth town centre beyond.

Following submission of the Landscape Appraisal & Strategy report and Outline Landscape Proposals developed by Liz Lake Associates, the scheme was granted planning permission by Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council Planning Committee.