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Hamels Mansion is a Grade II listed building, with elements that date back to the 17th Century. In the 1830’s it was transformed into the Victorian style mansion that is evident today. After being used as a private school for the early parts of the 20th Century it was purchased and subsequently refurbished in 1977.


Liz Lake Associates were involved in the landscape proposals to convert the current offices into high quality residential apartments. The client had requested a greater sense of arrival without detracting from the building and heritage of the site. Ample car parking was also required, which led to the development of various potential entrance configurations.

The proposals utilised a central pond feature, with a large turning circle in front of the house. This had car parking set back, with a further area of parking behind a structural evergreen hedge. Steel pergolas were proposed to create a sheltered area for car parking. Trees were strategically located to emphasise the building whilst providing screening where required. The building façade was enhanced through the implementation of oversized pots containing small olive trees; this added extra interest and provided contrast with the existing architecture.

Overall, the scheme integrated the requirements of an enhanced entrance and façade, whilst providing adequate car parking for future residents. High quality materials suit the grandeur of the mansion, with the central pond providing a structural transition between landscape and building