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Golf Course Landscape Design & Management

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Golf Course Landscape Design & Management

With more than twenty years of landscape design experience in golf course projects, Liz Lake Associates has worked alongside such experienced golf course architects as Howard Swan and Hawtree. Some thirty projects have been taken through the planning process. We have visited Portugal and Turkey with Howard Swan to advise on possible sites for new courses, and recommended improvements to those already in the Algarve. In Britain we have acted as consultants on existing courses, particularly where a phased removal of inappropriate planting is needed and in significant heritage landscapes like Stowe School. We have worked with the American golf architects Arthur Hills and Associates and Kyle Phillips on the popular course at The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire.

Liz Lake Associates has also advised local authorities on the landscape and visual impact of proposals for the importation of inert fill to rejeuvenate golf courses. This has included looking at the impact on existing vegetation from proposed grading and an assessment of the appropriateness of increased levels across a course in relation to the surrounding landscape character. Advice has been provided on the visual effects of new fencing and lighting for proposed or upgraded driving ranges.

Liz Lake Associates has had a long association with the golf industry both in the UK and abroad. With a thorough understanding of how golf courses can be designed and managed with benefits for biodiversity, skills in heritage landscapes as well as landscape and visual impact assessment the practice has a unique advantage in making a positive and informed contribution to any golf course proposal.