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Ebbsfleet Green


Ebbsfleet Green

Plans for the development of up to 950 homes at Ebbsfleet Green, Kent have recently been approved by Dartford Borough Council. Liz Lake Associates was commissioned by Redrow Homes to develop a landscape masterplan and ensure a strong landscape strategy was incorporated into the heart of the scheme achieving a total of 30% public open space in the design proposals. Outline landscape and open space proposals were prepared together with a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) which formed part of the outline planning application. The site forms part of the Ebbsfleet Valley Strategic site, an area of land which has been subject to extensive quarrying and infrastructure works over the past years and is now allocated for strategic redevelopment including residential, employment uses and leisure facilities. The site itself is former National Grid land and includes a decommissioned substation as well as overhead power lines. The proposed development seeks to remove substantial infrastructure from the site and transform the site into a new urban centre, enhancing the visual amenity of the site with a strong landscape strategy.

Landscape design proposals include a new local park with wide cycle paths, a fitness trim trail, sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs) and biodiversity enhancements. More formal open spaces include a central green for events, community allotments, new sports pitches and several new play areas. As part of the LVIA work undertaken, a series of photomontages were prepared from viewpoints agreed with the local authority. The photomontages illustrate the proposed scheme at year 1 and year 15 and were submitted alongside the Visual Impact Assessment as part of the Environmental Statement. A cumulative landscape and visual assessment was also carried out with consideration of the various development applications in the surrounding Ebbsfleet Valley.

The Ebbsfleet Valley is now subject to a commitment by the Government as a new ‘Garden City’, which Chancellor George Osborne announced, will deliver up to 15,000 new homes. Osborne said it would be a “proper garden city”, the first since Welwyn Garden City was founded in 1920.

” A proper garden city, the first since Welwyn Garden City was founded in 1920 “

Former Chancellor George Osborne