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Hatfield Heath

Down Hall Hotel

Down Hall Hotel and Spa has a history that dates back to 1322 and is now operated as a high-quality country house hotel with associated spa. The hotel has an expansive country estate, that includes formal gardens, parkland and woodland for which visitors have access.

Liz Lake Associates have been involved in developing the landscape proposals to create a garden for events, primarily weddings. The client required a space that utilised the existing vegetation, with part of the garden situated within an area of woodland, this then had to link through to an open, useable space.

The proposals were developed to provide three distinct character areas; the main patio, woodland paths, and the lawn. The primary space was designed around an existing, mature Yew tree. This included a natural stone patio, bespoke curved pergola and Lutyens’s style benches. A central feature was incorporated, with ample planting throughout the area, softening the hard landscape whilst providing structure and division.

The woodland path was designed as a unique feature within the garden. This utilised the existing vegetation, with a primary meandering path weaving through alongside gravel side paths leading deeper into the wooded space. Planting within this area was designed to provide a soft atmosphere, with varying heights and textured used, all with the impressive backdrop of Down Hall itself.

Overall, the scheme has been well implemented and is now regularly used for events. The high quality of materials and plants has enhanced the structure and provided a unique space within the hotel grounds.