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Bicester Garden of Remembrance

St George Barracks 

War memorial

The Bicester Gardens of remembrance located within the barracks is the first and only memorial in the UK dedicated to both EOD and Search and opened in June 2019. The space was designed as an area that allowed families and friends of those who have passed to remember and contemplate.

The memorial, designed to facilitate moderate sized gatherings such as Remembrance Day, is open all year round by appointment and was envisioned to allow group gatherings but also to have multiple spaces for private reflection. This allows multiple people to use the space with privacy if required. 

The implemented design is the first stage of the construction, with proposals in place that allow the space to evolve as funds become available. Strong winds frequently blow through the area, so the provision of a tall wall encloses the space blocks the strong south westerly’s.

The focus of the design is of course the remembrance plaques, mounted on the wall in a central location. We will remember them.