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Arc Global

Liz Lake Associate were delighted to have worked with Arc Global Limited on the proposed tourist attraction at We The Curious, Millennium Square, Bristol. The new structure will comprise a glass passenger cabin that will rise 69 metres above Bristol’s harbour, providing 360 degree views of the city.

LLA produced a full Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment which reviews the impact of this iconic structure within the Bristol city centre skyline and beyond. The design had to consider the visual impact as elegant as well as functional.

The proposals included a rooftop boarding lounge on the Grade II Listed Building. LLA also produced design options for the setting within Millennium Square.

The potential impacts were considered to spread across both modern and historic areas of the City. The cabin is a slow-moving aerial object, occasionally absent from the skyline and occasionally illuminated. Our bespoke methodology for this unusual form of assessment was developed in close collaboration with the Design Team and Bristol City Council.

We also co-presented the project twice to the Bristol Design Review Panel and undertook public consultation.

Photomontage visualisations credited to Arc Global Limited and Island Monkey.