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A recent visit to Hatherley Lane Retirement Home in Cheltenham revealed the excellent progress being made on the scheme. The majority of the hard and soft landscape has now been implemented and some residents have already moved in and are enjoying using the extensive and varied landscape setting.

The challenge of this project has been; how do you deliver attractive and accessible communal and private external spaces within the setting or a mature 18th Century woodland. With a Tree Preservation Order covering all trees on site, space, and more importantly light are at a premium. Liz Lake Associates were asked to reconsider an existing landscape design that was felt by the client and contractors to be at odds with the unique setting. An analysis of the site was undertaken to understand and various the microclimates around the new building and retained woodland, this then allowed us to appreciate what the most appropriate interventions were for each space.

The result was a design that delivered a transition from an ornamental, domestic garden feel close to the building, with manicured communal spaces where the sun breaks through which then blend into wildflower meadows around the fringes of the woodland. Finally the woodland and its understorey have been left to develop naturally with a system of management in place to ensure access and safety of residents will be maintained. Shade tolerant plant species are used widely throughout the scheme ensuring that even in this challenging environment, colour, variety and seasonal interest will all still be present for the enjoyment of residents, staff and visitors alike.

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