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Public Realm



The public realm encompasses the streets, roads, paths and parks in our cities, towns and villages where communities come together and public life occurs. Public realm and urban design is therefore the art of making places for people. 

Good public realm and urban design enhances connections between people and places, making the places where we live and work more accessible and providing high-quality public space. As award-winning chartered landscape architects, we have experience in creating sustainable developments which encourage flourishing economic life, strong social links and efficient use of natural resources. 

Liz Lake Associates can undertake rapid area analysis and urban visual impact assessment to contribute to the design development of a project. Our expertise is in working alongside other professionals in multidisciplinary teams on the cohesive development of buildings, spaces and landscapes to produce the best-quality public realm environments in London, Essex, Bedfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and beyond.