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St Martin’s Square, Basildon – Granite planter installation

A quick visit to Basildon to check on site progress saw that the centrepiece of St Martins Square is currently being installed. The solid granite planters have been produced in Spain and are being delivered to site in manageable sections that are being installed using heavy lifting equipment. The design of the planters was originally conceived by Liz Lake Associates and we have guided the manufacture also. The planters are large and durable. Some sections have a noticeable batter adding to the finesse of the design. Corners are rounded for safety and aesthetic and there are anti-skate grooves cut into the granite to prevent misuse.  

Most of the square is now complete, including the paving scheme, sundial, steps, ramp, tree planting, lawns, seating and car park. The theme of using durable materials continues across the square which will be used often and will be heavily trafficked by pedestrians. This ensures longevity of the square design and allows the space to be used for a multitude of purposes including public events.

The final stages of the build require the completion of the granite planters and installation of new planting, which includes the relocation of 4 palm trees into the granite planters. These palms have been features of the square for years and have been translocated to another part of the site, surviving the cold winter to be planted as dominant features of the design. We look forward to the completion of the project shortly.