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We recently visited St Martin’s Square Basildon and just look what is waiting for the Basildon community when the ‘Big Bounce Back’ gets underway! The Square is looking fantastic, full of colour and an excellent addition to what will hopefully be a busy High Street once again. The pressures of the lockdown have prevented many from using their local shops, so spaces like these are of even greater importance when we get back to normal because people will need to be drawn in by the experience of the retail environment.

Increasingly, shopping is becoming experiential. People will visit for the atmosphere, the smells and the sights of the High Street. All the things you can’t get from online shopping. After lockdown, shoppers will be looking for an enhanced experience to attract them back to the High Street. Places like Basildon’s St Martin’s Square show how this can be achieved. 

Sam Bibby (@Bibby Productions) New Town Sounds 2019

This part of the town is now exciting and just waiting to be used. The New Town Sounds event in 2019 shows how the Square is multifunctional and can host lots of types of events. When not being used for events, the Square benefits from being next to the relocated market. The small businesses in the market are unique and vibrant and breathe life into this part of the Town. Small businesses often take a long-term interest in their community and contribute heavily to the vibrancy and character of the Town.

When you are able to do so safely, make sure you go and visit St Martin’s Square and see the changes for yourself. The Bees are loving the Square and we think that you will too.

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