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Saffron Walden Horticultural Society Spring Show


The annual spring show, I entered into several classes, up against a fiercely competitive bunch of daffodil growers who nurture their bulbs under glass, I picked mine the night before and left them in the garage facing a window to allow the pollen beetles to leave the flowers, this didn’t work and the beetles exited my flowers at the show and went on everyone elses! I had help from an hardened exhibitor who had staged his own blooms. 


There are many categories of daffodils and getting the right flowers in the right class is trickier than seems for the uninitiated.  I found I had entered an entire class of 4 categories with the wrong division of daffs!  Picking the perfect bloom had more to it than I had realised, flowers must be fresh and bright with their petals organised symmetrically, some of mine weren’t and my helper ‘clocked’ some of the blooms, carefully manipulating them to face correctly.  The room was then cleared of exhibitors and the judging began. 


As the Show Steward was unwell at the last minute, I was asked (as Membership Secretary) to steward the Judge, this involved shadowing him and taking note of the winners for each section and passing these on to the Show Secretary.  The Judging is obviously done without knowing who is exhibiting until the winners are picked but the same names kept appearing on the winners list. 


Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, these are then added up over all the categories to find an overall winner.  I didn’t do too badly with 1st s and 2nd s for daffoldils, primroses and an orchid.  All in all, a fun day out and highly recommended.