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A Summer Work Placement at Liz Lake…

My name is Philippa and I’ve just finished my first year of the MA in Landscape Architecture at Sheffield University. My first degree was in Geography. I’m coming up to the end of my 2 month internship at Liz Lake this week and I can honestly say I’m going to miss working here.

I’ve been working mainly with the Landscape Planning team and helping out in the Design team throughout the time I’ve been here. Working at Liz Lake has been great experience because of the opportunities to work on lots of different projects getting to know the many different elements of work as a Landscape Architect.


One thing I didn’t really expect is the amount of time Landscape Planners get to spend outdoors. It’s a great perk of the job and a great way of gaining hands-on experience of what goes into compiling an LVIA/LVA report. Another thing I’ve really enjoyed is the research in Landscape Planning. It really allows you to explore all the elements of a landscape from its history and its people through to considering the possibilities for its future. A big geeky highlight for me was being able to spend a day looking through centuries-old canvas maps while working on a heritage project… probably some truth to the saying ‘Once a geographer, always a geographer’.


Working with the design team was great fun as well as allowing me to gain solid experience in the art of producing large scale planting designs to a deadline. It’s a great opportunity to tie a scheme together and really create a continuous sense of place and coherence to a design to really benefit the lives of those who live there.


It’s been a great summer with some great people…. But for now, back to uni.