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A Recent Trip

I went to Germany for the weekend and took a busy train to Hamburg. Young people were partying and friends were chatting animatedly but almost everyone constantly had their head down checking their phones and Ipads for what I’m not sure.

I felt my age and looked out of the window. I saw Saturday football, neat and tidy allotment gardens, families on cycle ways, rivers with canoeists and rowers, recreational woodland with joggers, rustic fences that could only be German and wind farms that just seem to fit in the landscape. On the railway land there was an absence of boundary fences, innovative noise barriers, plenty of graffiti but almost no litter on the trackside and vegetation so close to the rails it would make Network Rail’s hair curl.

In the suburbs we passed a tin shed superstore that was a home and garden centre called Bauhaus. It made me smile but Walter Gropius should be turning in his grave.

They were all still checking their phones as we drew into Hamburg. It feels as if half the population is living in the real world and the other half in a virtual one. Is this how it’s going to be? If it is, I know where I want to be.

How about you?