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Specialist Consultants

At Liz Lake Associates, one reason we have such an interesting life is because, as landscape design architects, we have network arrangements with a wide range of specialist consultants that we draw on to assist with our work.

We work with arboriculturalists, archaeologists, architects, archivists and artists. We draw on the expertise of calligraphers, carbon footprint consultants and conservation architects. Projects may require the involvement of dowsers, ecologists, energy consultants, engineers and entomologists. Likewise, we maintain strong links with foresters, fountain specialists, green roof specialists and health and safety consultants.

It is not unusual for us to work with herptofauna specialists, historic landscape specialists, hotel advisors and hydrologists. Lake, pond and water feature specialists feature in many of our projects, as do landscape managers, landscape scientists and lighting designers. Sometimes we require the expertise of ornithologists, play specialists and plant growers. Quantity surveyors naturally feature in our work, and we also call on signage consultants, soil scientists, sports field consultants, stone masons and sustainability consultants. Of course, it's important not to forget our essential links with taxonomists, tourism advisors, town planners, traffic engineers, sculptors and waste consultants.

As can be seen, we have built up a huge network of contacts with highly experienced experts across a truly diverse range of fields - helping our clients to get the multidisciplinary service and quality results that they demand.