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Stop the press…. Snails in the workplace!

Don’t panic, we have not been infested here in Stansted. In fact, the snails are here because they are our new pets! Not the most conventional of pets but they are now at home in our aquarium, helping to keep the glass clean and keeping our White Cloud Mountain Minnows company. We purchased two Horned Nerite Snails (Clithon corona) which are striking little things (for a snail). The snails are great for cleaning the glass (although we will give them additional food) and help to maintain the water chemistry in the tank. Namely keeping nitrate levels down, which is of benefit to the minnows too.

The snails have small horns that are a defence mechanism and can prick skin if handled incorrectly. I think that they look really good and they are a great addition to our temperate aquarium. If you are visiting us in Stansted, you will find them as you come through the door, so take a closer look and watch them graze on the algae.

We have only had them for a day so far and I look forward to seeing how they get on.

horned nerite snail

Felicity Moonwalking…

WE DID IT! Finishing at 4am we walked 15.1 miles in just under 5 hours, a very reasonable pace of just over 3 miles an hour! All in aid of the breast cancer charity walk.

It was a very humbling event to take part in – I’ll aim for the 26.2 miles in the next few years!

Thanks for all your support, if you’d like to donate then please go here

Well done Fliss!


Heyford Park, Upper Heyford


We have been working alongside Dorchester Living since 2014 to create modern community living, working on multiple phases of the residential masterplan, designing high quality landscape schemes which incorporate both the plot landscape and the green infrastructure.

Local Hero Awards

On Thursday 29th April at the Local Hero Awards (hosted by Town102), the Ipswich junior parkrun Core Team triumphed in the category for Outstanding Customer Care in the community.  LLA Director, Mark Flatman is a member of the junior parkrun Core Team at Ipswich, which aims to give children between the ages of 4 and 14 years the opportunity to run in a relaxed non-competitive event at a local park on Sunday mornings.

ijp local hero award April 2017

Northstowe, Cambridge

LLA are pleased to announce they are working with Barratt David Wilson on Phase H7 of Cambridgeshire’s new town at Northstowe.

Further details can be found on the Northstowe website


Mill Road Hertfordshire

Mill Road Hertfordshire comprises of two separate Redrow Developments which completely transforms this sought after location by the railway line. Priory Gate is a sophisticated Town house terrace in the regency style within a secure gated landscape. It forms the Jewel in the Crown of this home counties county town development aimed at those who commute. The Colby Apartments, a stylish block with internal first floor communal gardens make up the wider Priory Gate site. The communal garden boasts sleek timber clad planters and open living through private terraces which overlook.

Mill Road Hertfordshire Mill Road Hertfordshire

Refurbishment in Balham

LLA, landscape architects are pleased to be working on Du Cane Court, Balham.  Originally built in the 1930’s this iconic building was the largest flat development in Europe with 676 apartments – this iconic art Deco style building is undergoing a major refurbishment programme and integral to this will be the outdoor amenity spaces which will be redeveloped to improve the setting and outlook for residents and visitors.