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Mill Road Hertfordshire

Mill Road Hertfordshire comprises of two separate Redrow Developments which completely transforms this sought after location by the railway line. Priory Gate is a sophisticated Town house terrace in the regency style within a secure gated landscape. It forms the Jewel in the Crown of this home counties county town development aimed at those who commute. The Colby Apartments, a stylish block with internal first floor communal gardens make up the wider Priory Gate site. The communal garden boasts sleek timber clad planters and open living through private terraces which overlook.

Mill Road Hertfordshire Mill Road Hertfordshire

Refurbishment in Balham

LLA, landscape architects are pleased to be working on Du Cane Court, Balham.  Originally built in the 1930’s this iconic building was the largest flat development in Europe with 676 apartments – this iconic art Deco style building is undergoing a major refurbishment programme and integral to this will be the outdoor amenity spaces which will be redeveloped to improve the setting and outlook for residents and visitors.


ARM – The fins are going up!

ARM A west

As always, it is amazing to see the progress made on the ARM buildings. A main feature of the buildings aesthetic, the triangular fins that wrap around the building, are starting to be put in place. The structure is getting to the point where you can really see how phenomenal the footprint of these buildings are. After all, they have to hold over 2,500 members of staff. We went to site to attend a coordination meeting, where we are finalising the position and construction of the external features yet to be implemented. Needless to say, the coming months are going to be fast paced and we will quickly get to a position where our landscape design can be implemented.

ARM A rear

Land at Dingley Road

The Dingley Road, Leicestershire scheme has been recently granted consent (following amendment).

To read more about Liz Lake Associates involvement with the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) for this project go here.


Mead Park gains planning approval.

Mead Park, Bickerton, North Devon was granted on appeal in January.

Overall, the inspector concluded that there was no harm, either on its own, or cumulatively, which significantly or demonstrably outweighs the benefits of the development when assessed against the Framework.

Mark Flatman (CMLI) was appointed as expert witness on the Landscape and Visual Issues.

To Read more about our involvement in the project go here


Clare Castle Country Park

We are delighted to have been appointed to be part of the team responsible for preparing HLF funded restoration proposals for Clare Castle Country Park. The park is situated in the Suffolk village of Clare and covers 13.2 hectares. It is visited by around 200,000 people each year and is unique for its heritage and natural features located in one place. At its heart is Clare Castle, first built in the 11th century by a Norman knight who had been gifted with large estates in Suffolk, Essex and Kent by William the Conqueror. The park also contains a disused railway station and platforms with trails aligned along the disused railway.


Hauxton Extra Care

The construction of our Hauxton scheme is due to commence very soon. Our scheme creates a series of communal and private gardens which offer a range of social activities and passive recreation within a healing and therapeutic setting. These are complemented by a range of roof terraces and gardens.


We have enjoyed working with bpha, Hill and The Design Partnership and can’t wait to see the finished scheme.

To find out more about our involvement go here

Consultation event held for Highbury

We attended an evening consultation event to give stakeholders the opportunity to comment on the developing restoration proposals. The event was very well attended by a passionate and knowledgeable audience who are excited about the proposals to restore Joseph Chamberlains former house and estate. We received some excellent feedback which has given us much to think about.  


ARM HQ – Eastern Carpark complete

The ARM headquarters construction phase is well under way, so much so that the eastern carpark has now been completed and is in use by staff members. There are still a few bits of soft landscaping to be planted to the rear of the car park but all other plants to the car park entrance have been put in place as have the areas of hard landscape including parking bays.

 The planting has recently been implemented (hence why it looks a little small) but is expected to flourish and spread once the growing season begins. Plants used include Anemone x hybrid ‘Honorine Jobert’, Lonicera pileata and Polypodium vulgare. Clematis armandii has been given an excellent network of wires to climb and should quickly cover the northern façade of the car park. Maintenance, particularly over the next 12 months, will be crucial to the success of these plants and we are excited to see how well they perform. 

arm_eastern_carpark arm_eastern_carpark

Fixing our broken house market – Trumpington Meadows

Nice to see one of our favourite residential housing projects in Cambridge, Trumpington Meadows, features as a case study in the newly published government white paper on “Fixing our broken housing market”.


To read the white paper go here

To find out more about our involvement with the Trumpington Meadows project go here